You experience the story through eyes of Jack Mason, the young detective in a small town. Winning respect from the true-born Imperials by skill and dedication, Jack plans out future with his loved one. Yet everything changes, then an eerie murder smashes the tranquil atmosphere in town.


Genie’s story has a special place between horror, suspense and detective genres mixing elements from   all three of them and spicing them up with human relationships. The story tries to catch the swirl of emotions of playing hide and seek with a murderous maniac or in a less dramatic situation.


Genie leads a fast-paced narrative with action scenes akin to the first, opening one, then gives the player a break with a bit of background the “whys and whats” behind the tale.


A non-linear storyline with several endings that depend on your choices.

Brush and pencil - traditional art gives the story a unique look.

Personal reading experience - choose an appropriate font just for you.